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Website Writing

Is there a disconnect between the quality of your business and the quality of your website?


We have asked countless business owners this same question. For the most part, the answer is the same.

The truth is: Businesses put far more effort into the quality of their work than how they present themselves.

If you are a business owner, you know that your digital presence is important. The likely problem is you aren’t sure how to efficiently dedicate your time and energy into turning your website into a sales-generating machine.

You’re not supposed to. It’s not your job.

Your website can deliver new customers or clients. It just has to be nurtured in the right hands.

How Would You Prepare For A First Date?

According to’s First Date Survival Guide, there are a few helpful tips for prospective daters hopeful of a successful first meeting. These include:

Doing Your Homework

Finding common ground with a date is essential to any chances of a second meet-up. Daters want to feel understood, and so do potential customers or clients. A dater will want to uncover what is important to the person they’re dating; a business needs to demonstrate they completely know their audience.

With every word on your website, your audience needs to feel you are describing them exactly. If your audience don’t feel the connection, they’ll find a business where they do.

Dressing To Impress’s blog claims that choosing a great outfit will help daters exude confidence. If you have cringed in a meeting with a prospective client after they said “I took a look at your website”, you’ll know that having a bad website can destroy your confidence.

Business prospects see your website as a digital extension of you. Make sure your copy demonstrates your value.

Arriving On Time

Though not itself a deal breaker in the dating world, having a slow-loading website is a disaster for businesses.



Make your business visible and relevant to new customers by discovering what they’re looking for and creating content to help them.


Launch a website, product or service with tailor-made copy written to compel your customers to buy from your business.


Already written some copy but want some reassurance and fine tuning? Make the most of our editing services.

Landing Pages

Create, and continuously optimize, a bespoke marketing funnel designed to lead new customers straight to you.