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Script Writing

You only have a few seconds to tell your story. Make them count.

Once Upon a Time…

Every story had the same beginning.

Nowadays, 72% of consumers prefer videos to text. According to Ronald B. Tobias, there are 20 Master Plots that all stories are based on. Adventure. Rescue. Discovery. Underdog. So why do all business videos feel the same?

Videos are still being produced that feel bland, emotionless and disconnected.

The success of a business video isn’t based on blockbuster video production, inspiring music or expensive animations.

It’s all about the story.


of people are more likely to complete an action, whether that’s fill out a contact form or complete a purchase, once they’ve watched a video.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text

Don’t have a story to tell?

John Lewis know how to inspire people for Christmas. Peloton know how to get people active. And Marks & Spencer know how to make food sound sexy.

A lot of owners are so close to their business that they think there isn’t anything interesting about how much they help people.

We think that if Meerkats and Opera Singers can connect with audiences over car insurance, there’s hope for every industry out there.

Or not sure why to tell it?

A well-crafted story can educate, entertain and compel people to take action.

When done properly, video can get more eyes on your business, increase phone calls, help your customers make good decisions for them and build trust.



Connect with your audience through story-driven videos that show the real impact of what you do.


Tired of trying to explain difficult concepts and not succeeding? Video can separate complex subjects in shorter, digestible sections for your audience.


Finding it difficult to explain why what you do is so important? Create a short video to highlight your key messages.


Need to send important updates to your clients or customers? Use the power of video to ensure your message is remembered and understood.