3 to 148: A Medical Case Study

The problem.

– Overextended Marketing Spend

– Heavy Reliance on Pay-Per-Lead Services

– Lack of Tracking and Reporting

– Dissatisfied with profit margins

If any of these resonate with you, then you will know exactly how the client in this case study was feeling when he approached us.

Given the nature of the medical and healthcare industry, we will not be mentioning any names, websites or keyword examples.

The brief.

We often joke that our most common brief is “Please find a way to make us more money.” The focus here was to increase the number of prospective patients that booked a consultation with the client.

As a data-driven individual, the client also asked us to uncover the direction of the business, understand which channels were driving their growth, stagnant or not working at all, and forecast their growth potential.

To address each of the pain points that the client had struggled with, we set three success indicators:

  • Implement Unambiguous Tracking
  • Diversify their Marketing Portfolio
  • Double their revenue

The process.

On day one, we introduced a reporting system that tracked performance across the client’s entire marketing funnels. This initially assessed their brand awareness and visibility across various mediums, before looking at the volume of their inquiries, consultations and surgeries. We also analysed the conversion rate at each stage of the funnels to see if there were any opportunities for growth or obstacles that we could immediately resolve.

We found that the client was solely relying on one Paid Media channel for generating interest in their services and that their investment was unreliable in this area. To combat this, we delivered a complete rebrand, website rebuild and content marketing / SEO strategy to position the surgeon as the authority in their field.

The results.


Within 18 months, the client’s organic website traffic increased from 500 views per month to a sustained period of over 4,500. They also appear in the top three search results for any keywords, in their state, relating to their prioritised surgeries. They also sit on page one for close to 140 non-branded search terms.


Working with the client pre-pandemic, their practice had to open up full days of weekend appointments just to facilitate demand. Since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, submitted interest through their website or through phone calls increased by over 1100% and they have received over 2,000 inquiries for a Virtual Consultation through one of their website contact forms.


“If only I could get in front of more people.”

When we started working with the client, they were averaging three consultations with prospective patients each week. Last month, they were at full capacity and saw 148 potential patients, with the next two months already fully booked.


Despite lengthy closures to elective surgery bookings in 2020, the client generated more profit July through November than they had through the entirety of 2019.